Healthier Lives, Happy people

Cardisphere is more than just your Pharmaceuticals Firm solution – we are family. We believe having strong values attracts the best customers and clients and helps us keep them.

We partner with GMP certified firms globally and locally in manufacturing quality and affordable pharmaceutical products for the teeming populace.

Furthermore at our retail outlets, we treat every customer the same no matter the size of the order. When you walk into our stores, our committed pharmacists are ready to provide solutions to challenges as well as orders to your prescriptions.

Our distribution arm has represented reputable pharmaceuticals companies over the years which infers that our experience combined with our unshakable determination leads to synergistic solutions that benefits all parties involved.

                    Cardisphere Healthcare Ltd……Healthier lives, Happy people…

Our Services



In addition to providing brand name and generic pharmaceuticals and supplies from many manufacturers, we have also expanded our services to provide front-end  retail pharmaceutical solution to our customers.

Supplies and Distributions


At Cardisphere Pharmacy Limited, we worked on perfecting our role as pharmaceutical distributors. However, we noticed that there was something missing in the equation.


Marketing & Manufacturing


Cardisphere markets and manufactures wide ranges of pharmaceuticals products to better serve the numerous health challenges in Nigeria and Africa at large.